George and his family are kept very busy with appointments for the many services he needs. The physio, hydrotherapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, orthotics team, orthopaedics, visual impairment team, neurologist, nephrologist, geneticist, opthalmologist, sleep specialist, Conductive Education team, mobility team, the feeding and special dental team.

For his family, the last few years have been painful as the diagnoses came one after the other. George’s mother Ebony, says, “Having a disabled child is an on-going mourning process, swinging wildly from blind optimism to denial, from being so grateful for what he can do to despair about what he can’t. Some days I’m filled with hope and faith, other days I will sob with grief at the loss of the future we wanted for our child. During the last three and a half years, we have experienced more love, connection, support and kindness than we ever knew existed. We are adapting to change, learning Braille and seeing the world through George’s eyes. We’ve overcome shockwaves off the Richter scale and we’ve come out stronger, braver and full of overwhelming, gravity-defying love.”

Still, George’s needs are wide-ranging and expensive, and the family could benefit from respite. Additional therapies, such as the neurological physio ABM, are slowly helping him develop his weak right side. Acupuncture with a stroke specialist ensures his right side is more relaxed and functioning and helps with his speech. The family also sees a functional medical practitioner and nutritionist who helps with his autism and neurological issues, and can check his needs and deficiencies. These and other therapies make a huge difference to George’s everyday life.